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Confidentiality Policy

Crime Stoppers of Somerset County works in partnership with law enforcement, the media and residents of the county to promote safer communities. As part of this ongoing effort, Crime Stoppers supports a tips line,
1-888-577 TIPS, that is answered by Crime Stopper coordinators in the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office. Tips can also be submitted by using the Crime Stoppers Online TIPS form. All information, whether received through a call to the tips line, by email, or through the Online Tips Form, is passed on to the appropriate law enforcement agency within Somerset County or, if necessary, to a law enforcement agency outside the County

Crime Stoppers of Somerset County pledges that every effort will be made to maintain the anonymity of all callers to the tips line as well as anonymity to those responding via email or TIPS Online. Callers are not asked to give their name or any other identifying information. There is no caller ID on the telephone lines and the calls are not recorded, even for quality control purposes. TIPS Online can be submitted without providing a name or email address.

Each caller to the tips line is given a confidential code number that is used in all future communications. Callers are instructed to call back for information about progress on the case. At no time does anyone from law enforcement contact the caller. This code number is the only identification required to collect the cash reward if the information provided results in an arrest, indictment, or the solving of a crime.

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